Decorate a cake with icing

Published by Kim, on June 4 2018


Cake decorating with icing involves many simple, fast and effective techniques with a sure value for everyone. The important thing is to use the correct icing that you're project requires.

Whether it is butter cream, ganache, royal icing or meringue, the majority of these icing recipes contain very few ingredients and are very quick to prepare. That being said, these icings have very different purposes for you're creations they can either help or harm them.

Butter cream is a texture that is pretty to handle, it holds really well and becomes harder with cold temperature. It is perfect to cover cakes and to ice cupcakes. It can be used with a smoother, a spatula or with an icing comb. With a pastry bag used with a tip, it can also be used to make different types of borders directly on cakes or flowers and leaves used with nails to that effect. 

Ganache has many common points with butter cream. Its texture firms up when in contact with cold and it becomes very easy to work and handle. At the liquid state it is very useful for "dripping cakes" and at the solid state it is excellent to use for icing cakes and cupcakes or to make borders with tips. The only weakness is its texture that is not firm enough without modification to fabricate flowers.  

Royal icing is the one that offers the most possibilities in the cake decorating field.  Since it hardens and dries very quickly, and can be used to make flowers and to draw designs on cake or parchment paper. It makes an excellent cookie icing and can be used with many tools like brushes, tips, stencils and needles.

Meringue is well known for its lightness. It much lighter than butter cream. It is ideal to ice "naked cakes" and cupcakes. Its texture is similar to whip cream, but offers a much better firmness and can do the same work as ganache.

In conclusion, for your gum paste flowers it is recommended to use butter cream or royal icing, for your border borders and to cover your cakes and ice cupcakes the best choice would be ganache, meringue and butter cream, and to make patterns or to ice cookies royal icing is more appropriate. 

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