Drip Cake 2020

Published by Mélissa, on February 24 2020


Today I would like to talk to you about an extraordinary range of products in cake design, ‘drip cake’, an assortment of 15 dripping chocolate colours created by Vincent Selection.

For those of you who don’t know about the ‘drip cake’ style, it’s a cake that has been covered with butter cream or fondant on which chocolate is poured so that it drips off the sides of the cake. Then we decorate it with candy, chocolate, macaroons, flowers, buttercream rosettes or any other sweets in order to create a completely decadent cake.

So, to come back to this range of chocolates specially designed for ‘drip cake’, it is a product that is simple and easy to use but above all it is a product that saves a lot of time. The chocolate is presented in a transparent bottle with a cone-shaped tip and can be used in just a few steps:

Now the chocolate is ready to be used, you just have to remove the cap and lightly squeeze the bottle to make the chocolate drip down the sides of the cake.        

*be careful not to apply the chocolate to thick because it could crack and will be difficult to cut when it is dry.


This product is offered in 15 different colour and it is available on the Vincent Selection website and at the Vincent Selection shop located in Montreal.


Have fun !!!


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