Healthy dessert 2020

Published by Mélissa, on May 19 2020


We often think that when we want to eat healthy, desserts are forbidden. But who decided this?

We agree to a certain point that rich desserts will not help you lose weight, but there are several alternatives to sugary and fatty desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty. By replacing these rich and artificial desserts with natural foods rich in protein, fiber and especially containing good unprocessed sugar, it is possible to savour delicious healthy desserts. The most important thing to remember are these key ingredients that are all natural and are perfect in creating desserts and snacks.



Dates are the perfect ally for your sugarless pastries because they are naturally sweet. Just use the same amount of pureed dates as the required amount of sugar called for in the recipe. Plus, pureed dates are very easy to make yourself. To make the puree, put 500g of pitted and diced dates in a pot with 400ml of water. *Be sure to not to pick dates that are coated in syrup or sugar*. Bring to a boil, then let simmer until the dates are reduced to a puree. Use an immersion blender to get a smooth and uniform texture.



Honey is one of the oldest know natural sweeteners. It has excellent sweetening power and it is a great substitute in recipes. Simply replace 100g of sugar with 50g of honey. But it is essential to choose good, pure honey that has not been processed too much. For that, do not hesitate to visit the various honey houses located here in Quebec.



One of my favourite natural sweeteners is maple syrup. Produced from the sap of certain maple trees, syrup has 1.4 times the sweetening power that of sugar. In addition, it is used almost everywhere, at lunch, in smoothies and yogurt but also in some meal recipes and of course in a multitude of desserts. You can replace 100g of sugar with 50g of maple syrup. Obviously, you should choose a pure maple syrup and not one made artificially. Luckily, here in Quebec, we have an abundance of sugar shacks and the opportunity to visit some magnificent regions and discover our maple syrup producers.



Fruits are naturally sweet and they are great for your health. Treat yourself with fresh, in season fruit. They will have a lot more flavour and juice. Do not hesitate to mix colours and textures when it come to fruit because eating should be as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate. I love visiting the small fruit kiosks and markets often found on the side of the road during the summer or various fruit stores which offer a wide choice of fresh fruit throughout the year.


Do not hesitate to also use fresh vegetables or unsalted nuts in your favourite recipes. It allows you to benefit from their nutrients without compromising on taste. And if your heart desires, you can also add a touch of chocolate, but I suggest you opt for 70% cocoa dark chocolate. It brings several benefits and helps to control small sugar cravings.

No need to deprive yourself of delicious desserts to eat healthy!

Bon appetite and see you soon!

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