Rolled fondant

Published by Kim , on June 25 2018



Covering a cake with fondant is a simple but delicate step. Here are a few tips to make the job easier.

First off, make sure that the icing on you’re cake is smooth and even. An imperfect icing could easily create lumps or make the surface uneven. Freezing you’re cake before icing it and putting it on a cardboard with a little bit of icing are great tips to avoid small defects.

Secondly, find a large and smooth surface with the use of a roller, the heaviest one you have. Warm up you’re fondant with you’re hands to give it more flexibility but not too much to prevent it from becoming sticky. Shape it into a ball and prick it with a toothpick that you have dipped in coloring to color it. Lay the fondant on the smooth surface and roll it with as much weight as you can. If the fondant as a tendency to stick sprinkle a bit of corn starch on the surface and on your roller and continue rolling. Make sure that you’re fondant is even and has the same thickness everywhere.

Thirdly, place your roller in the center of you’re rolled out fondant and fold it back on the roller. Lift you’re fondant and place it on the cake. Unfold you’re fondant to cover the cake, put the roller aside. Place your hands on each side and slowly slide down to the middle, with slight pressure slowly slide down to the base so it covers the cake evenly and covers all the curves of the cake. With a small knife remove the excess, but keep a strip just in case you would need it.  Delicately remove any air pouches or creases and press softly to stick the fondant to the cake.

Last, finish by cutting excess fondant and smooth the top and sides with you’re hands and with a fondant smoother. Avoid stretching you’re fondant too much because it is likely to tear.

Other interesting tips about fondant, it can be easily transformed into gum paste to fabricate flowers or figurines. Simply mix it with CMC powder or tylose so that once its dry it becomes as hard as gum paste. It can also be homemade with marshmallow, icing sugar and water, or you can buy it already made and coloured.


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