Tiered cakes

Published by Kim, on June 17 2019


To layer several cakes is a rather delicate task. Here are a few tips and some details to consider to safely make a tier cake.

First you need good dowel rods. Two factors must be taken into consideration when choosing your supports, the size and height of the cakes you want to layer. The bigger the top tier is the more dowel rods you will need, the higher the top tier is the longer and larger the dowel rods must be. they must be cut at the exact same height as the cakes before being inserted in them. Take note that the bigger the rods are the more loss you will have, but your piece will be stronger. if your cake is covered with fondant, it is preferable, from an aesthetic point of view, to install the supports before covering it.

Second, once the rods are well inserted in the bottom layer, you must place the next layer on a thin cardboard that has the same circumference, this cardboard will evenly balance the weight of the upper layer on the supports of the lower layer. It is important to secure this cardboard with icing that you apply on both upper and lower parts to avoid any possible movement.

Last, simply repeat the task if your cake has more than two layers

Be careful, cakes can be very heavy, it is important to install them on a good solid base like a very thick cardboard or a plastic tray. it is not necessary to insert rods in the top layer unless transport could be hazardous or dangerous ...in this case it is strongly advised to insert rods in the center of the cake that will pass through all of the layers.

Voila! Now that you know how to make layered cakes go ahead and dare

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