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Summer 2019

Easy to improvise beautiful little sweets in the summer! Icy, creamy or fruity, they are perfect to accompany a beautiful sunny day

Wedding 2019

Your menu is almost finished, but you have not yet managed to choose the ideal dessert for your wedding reception, the one that will perfectly match the celebration of this great day and satisfy all your guests? First of all, know that you do not have to follow the tradition absolutely. There are several winning formulas for a wedding dessert. Here are some ideas and accessories of decorations...

Father's Day 2019

Looking for recipe ideas for father's holidays? Discover our best ideas for cakes, biscuits, chocolates and cupcakes to prepare for father's day

Mother's Day 2019

Looking for recipe ideas for mother's day? Discover our most beautiful ideas of cakes, biscuits, chocolates and cupcakes to prepare for mother's day.

100% natural products 2019

Whether it's on a cake, on cupcakes, on cake-pops or on cookiess, candies, it's always good! And even more so when these candies are 100% natural and they are gluten-free and artificial flavour and they contain no gmo, no dairy products, no hydrogenated fats, no preservatives or artificial coloring... Discover our new high color...