A few years ago, Vincent S. Variete affiliated itself with les centres jeunesse de Montréal et de Lanaudière gave themselves a mission to help beneficiaries to realise there dreams and develop their full potential. Since that time, the company tries to raise money with fund raisers to offer activities, gifts and good times to help these youngsters who really need it and give them something that they thought was impossible to be possible. 

The basic premise of the foundation is that all young people have the right and the same chance to blossom and dream no matter what they are living or lived in the past. With this in mind, the foundation is committed to fostering the integration of these young people, to develop their skills and interests and to strengthen their confidence and esteem.

Since its collaboration with the youth centers, Vincent S variete is very proud to have contributed to the achievement of helping a hundred young people in whom we have revived the flame of hope.