Our values

Vincent Sélection attaches Great importance to the values that have built this company. Values that have allowed us for the last 45 years to be a proud Québec distributor specializing in decorating, packaging and pastry accessories.

The fundamental value for Vincent selection is without doubt family values. For us family is a synonym of respect, teamwork, trust and love. Being and feeling respected allows every individuat to grow in the company feeling proud and happy and to share With you. Teamwork is also the basis of our evolution, by working together and looking forward to our expertise and experiences to help us move ahead and evolve.

This is what describes us as a company and as individuals. Vincent selection will always be there for you, to help you evolve, to stand out and grow and that With confidence. Our mission will always be the same and that is to offer you the widest choice of products, the best quality and a personalized service.