The company

Vincent S. Variete is a Quebec family owned company built from hard work from hard work from is founder Mr. Vincent Stortini, pastry chef, he started the company 50 years ago in his own house by selling cake decorations and packaging. Those types of products were rare in the 70's but Mr. Stortini had targeted a need for wich he would devote himself for. Through the years is efforts would pay off and the company would grow and therefore in 1998 would pass on the reigns to his daughter Miss Sylivie Stortini. Being the new owner she will raise this challenge with brio. With a warm and modern approach, convivial and generous, she would put a devoted team together that had the well being of the company at heart and would make the company triple in no time. Today with the help of both hers son's, she runs more than thirty employees and provides more than a thousand businesses in the pastry field. Always growing and evolving, Vincent S. Variete is getting a new image and a new brand name under Vincent selection. A new image offering more personalized and adapted services for you're needs and to new technologies. Vincent Selection will allow you to follow through social networks, to share you're opinions on our services and products via our blog, to have easy access to our promotions and new products, and to enjoy our tricks and tips in video capsules. It will allow you to order safely through our new website that as been rebuilt entirely to make it easier for you and to save time. We must never forget that our mission will always de to offer a superior and personalized service and innovative products at the best prices in our field.